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Christopher Hynes: christopher@christopherhynes.com

Andrew Grainger: andy@andrewgraingermusic.com



Fantasie for Cello & Piano
Twelve compositions from the exhibition

Comments about the show...

We really enjoyed the show. I am also enjoying the website at work. It was nice to have that to revisit everything as we had a few interruptions while viewing. I can also just listen to the music while working. You and Andrew did a good job on the collaborations and the presentation. Terri & Frank

The show and your work look fabulous!- Steve R

Thank you Christopher! This is truly lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Both your works and the music are spectacular. Luba S

Although everything's better in person and 3-D, I want to let you know I also really enjoyed listening to all the commentaries by you and Andy while viewing your work to his music on the website version too. ·Congratulations to both of you on both! – Mark van G

Chris, I have enjoyed your artwork--got a kick out of one horse power. I like Andrew's orchestral vignettes. Thanks for sharing. Dave O.

Ciao Christopher and thank you for sharing. ·If I had to choose only one it would be "When Worlds Collide". All of your work makes me think.· Ti Saluto – Carol C

Hi Christopher—

Congratulations on a beautiful exhibition and your collaboration with Andrew. The show’s website is extraordinary, too. Pamela B

Bravo Christopher- it is quite exciting and I am very happy for you! Rita P

Awesome show Chris!· For me, this was the best way to present an art show.· Thanks for the invitation. Andy L

Excellent! Your work predictably so; but the music a wonderful surprise! And the collaboration great. My congrats!

We really appreciated the chance to connect with Christopher's art and Andy's musical interpretations.  My personal favorites were the Orvieto box and Andy's cello sonata.  Bravo to both! - Rich

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Photo by John Mitchell

Christopher Hynes and Andrew Grainger

Photos From the Opening of the Show on 10/5/14